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Become my business partner

This could be a good fit for you if you’re:

  • an entrepreneur
  • work in the Wellness Industry
  • an employee who’s a square peg in a round hole and ready to make a change
  • a parent wanting to return to the workforce on your own terms
  • self-employed and looking to supplement your income

I’ve been a committed dōTERRA customer since 2013 and ‘doing dōTERRA’ as a business since 2016.

The business found me rather than visa versa.

I simply couldn’t not do it.

This was driven by a strong desire to share the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils I’d experienced in my own life.

Ever had that feeling when you can’t NOT do something?

When I started my dōTERRA business, I followed the usual formula: I wrote my ‘100 List’ of friends, family, dentist, etc and ran as many workshops as possible.

I had some success with this- and qualified for the dōTERRA Incentive Trip to Fiji in 2017 (YAY!!).

The thing is, although I know the formula works for many, I felt myself getting burnt out.

I was arguing with my husband, I was distracted and constantly texting around my daughter and was driving all over town giving away my energy and time.

Always reaching out, always searching for the next person to share with was very wearying.

I sensed friends and family doubting whether I really wanted to help or if I just wanted to sell to them.

Meanwhile I was teaching Japanese Yoga and bringing essential oils into classes.

I was diffusing, offering oils at the beginning and end of the class, making little cards teaching about the connection between Japanese Yoga, essential oils, emotions and the seasons.

I shared the oils not to sell – but simply because I wanted my lovely students get the most out of my class and I knew the oils would help them.

And this was very fulfilling.

Then I noticed a shift: people started coming to me.

Jenny was curious about what I was diffusing in class and why.

David wanted to buy ‘that great cream’ to use on his leg muscles before and after his weekend jogs.

Rachel asked what’s the best oil to help her daughter get through her ballet exams without having a panic attack.

And I could help them.

I attracted even more Japanese Yoga students and we connected better than ever.

So I started to look at things differently.

I saw dōTERRA not as something separate to my Japanese Yoga offering but as part of it.

And I’ve found using dōTERRA as part of my Japanese Yoga offering enhances my classes and magnifies the benefits of both the yoga and the oils.

What that means is:

  • absolute alignment with my path and goals
  • multiple income streams
  • reframing my money stories
  • greater freedom around family time
  • the chance to be more generous to the causes that matter to me

I’d love to share with you what I’ve learnt on my journey and for us to work together to help many more thousands to:


Return to health through nature’s gifts

What to expect when you partner with me:

  • Genuine connection + respect
  • Guidance in best practice for using the dōTERRA essential oils in your personal life and business
  • Tips on how to share the oils with your community to help them use the oils to enhance their life and health (doesn’t have to be friends and family)
  • Heart-centred leadership based on action and cooperation
  • FREE access to my online courses*
  • Collaboration on the best way to share and teach about the oils that aligns to your values and business goals
  • Access to ongoing business training
  • Regular accountability calls
  • A fierce and loyal cheerleader that will match your level of commitment

*Subject to certain conditions being met

What not to expect when you partner with me:

  • That I’ll do the work for you
  • That you’ll have a boss, manager or PA – the dōTERRA business model requires high levels of independence + initiative
  • Wishy washy, vague and contradictory opinions. I’ll tell it like it is
  • A 24-hour counselling hotline. Healthy boundaries are good for everyone☺

We’ll get along if you’re:


We’ll get along if you’re:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead

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