Your body’s designed to:

  • bounce out of bed in the morning without needing that hit of coffee to get out door
  • look in the mirror and like what you see without any critical thought (even if the kids woke you up 5 times last night)
  • miss out on that dream house, ideal job, rockstar parking spot and know the next opportunity is just round the corner
  • say ‘no’ with respect and clarity if you’ve got too much going on right now to take another project on
  • not get sick - but if you happen to get the sniffles, you’ll be better within days

In a nutshell, your natural state is to be in balance + to self-heal. When you’re sick, tired, in pain and grumpy it shows an imbalance. There’re all sorts of reasons for this.

It can be complex.

But underlying it all, is a disconnection with your body. We’re trapped in our minds and locked out of our bodies. Just like walking heads.

iPhones, iPads, email bombardment, social media updates, 24 hour (bad) news, over-commitment and other non-stop noise creates the perfect storm for this disconnection. One day of living like this won’t make a difference. But multiply this by months and years.

Plus add a few hundred thousand chemicals to the mix from cleaning products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing and the air in general. It’s easy to see why our bodies and minds are suffering. My mission with Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils is to park the disconnection, noise and chemicals at the door. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

Which is enough.

I create space for you to return to your true nature and peaceful self. Through Japanese Yoga, healing essential oils, mindfulness and breath. You’re gently and relentlessly invited to step out of your head, back down into your body and return to your health.


Let’s return to health through nature’s gifts.