My Story

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I love the exchange of energy that comes with teaching


To share my passions with humour and warmth is the greatest privilege imaginable.

And speaking of passions, I’ve had a few!

Other hats I’ve worn include Flight Attendant, Maitre-d’, Japanese Restaurant Manager, Japanese Translator, Life Model (yes, nude), Cultural Ambassador and High School Japanese, Maths and French teacher at some of the poshest schools in Australia. Needless to say, Nude Life Model didn’t feature in the cv for those schools ;-)

Learning about other people and cultures has been a lifelong obsession and as a teenager I couldn’t wait to get out of The Shire and into the world to start my adventures.

Spending time with diverse people and cultures taught me that although we’re all human beings, we have such different ways of living our ‘normal’.


There is no ‘normal’ – normal is simply what’s familiar to us.

Enter Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils stage left. Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils came into my life when ‘normal’ didn’t mean fun times.

At age 20 I’d just lost my mum to cancer and I was broken. I’d already experienced loss when my dad passed away of a sudden heart attack when I was 12.


Being orphaned at a young age sucked

I felt lost, sad, angry and in shock that the universe could deal such a blow not once, but twice.

Legally I was an adult, but emotionally I was still figuring out who I was and my place in the world- as all 20 year olds are.

And the death of my mum ripped the carpet out from under me.

Even though my mum had been really sick, it wasn’t until the very end that I gave up hope.

What kept me going through her illness was a faith that she’d live on and be ok, because it was too painful to believe I could become an orphan. And besides,


I’m a natural optimist

Although losing my mum was devastating, what had an even greater impact was that her death annihilated my trust in the God/The Universe/Spirit.

Back in those days, counselling wasn’t big in my family and I was expected to ‘get on with life’ and deal with the grief in my own way.

I lost all hope of having any future or relationships or chance of being happy - because I believed it would be taken away.


This is still something I have breakthrough after breakthrough with today and influences a lot of my inner work

So it’s not surprising that I was attracted to the ‘wrong crowd’ – there was a lot of drinking, partying, and not respecting my body.

Then out of the blue I signed up for a 6 week beginner yoga course. It took me somewhere inside myself I’d been longing for- that quiet, peaceful place that’s always there no matter what’s going on outside.

That first yoga spark led me on to do lots of retreats for various yoga and meditation styles.

I went to healers, kinesthesiologists and shiatsu masters. I devoured philosophy and self-help books. And I began dabbling in essential oils.

Although I still wasn’t respecting my body and was partying hard, this was my therapy and the yoga + essential oils helped keep me sane.

Around this time I heard about ‘Japanese Yoga’.


Japanese Yoga


I 'd already lived in Japan by this stage and knew it was my ‘country of choice’. So in many ways I already loved Japanese Yoga before I tried it. After one class- I was hooked and knew I’d found the yoga for me!

Japanese Yoga wasn’t the easiest, breeziest, happy-go-lucky of the yoga styles I’d tried. In fact it’s dynamic and tricky sometimes. But the pleasure outweighs the pain tenfold. The tension release is palpable and the changes are profound. Japanese Yoga takes me a lot deeper into my body than other styles I’ve experienced.


It shifts your state
within minutes

The holistic connection of Japanese Yoga with nature, the elements, seasons and wholefoods is unique and just makes sense.The poses change with each season and this keeps you engaged.

It helps settle your busy mind with your endless to-do lists whirring around. Unless working on a specific problem (eg lower back pain), no class is ever really the same. And combining Japanese Yoga with Essential oils takes it to a whole new level.

Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils


T he alignment between Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils is remarkable.

Both tap into the body’s ability to self-heal on a cellular level.

Both acknowledge the connection between our emotional and physical states.

Through this alignment the benefits of Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils amplify each other.

They deeply transform your physical, emotional and spiritual connection with yourself and the world (for the better, in case you were wondering!).

Today and everyday, Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils support me to get out of my head and into my body and true self.

So that when you return to your thoughts they’re clearer and cleaner. You’re less reactive and more grounded.


I have more energy and better health now in my 40s than I ever had when I was in my 20s


And a fringe benefit is that my body’s in the best shape it’s ever been. Ever.

My warmth, humour, inner work and ‘realness’ uniquely shape how I share Japanese Yoga + Essential Oils.

I can’t wait to share it with you

Ja mata ne!