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Japanese Yoga isn’t like any other yoga. It’s like doing a meditation and exercise combined. It’s spiritual, physical and balances out your emotions. Karenna’s a very gentle teacher, who teaches with humour and humility. And yet the movements are strong and so effective! I always feel very positive and re-vitalised after one of her classes. I look forward to Japanese Yoga every week because I feel that my body responds very well to the rhythm, releases, toning and conditioning. I love Karenna’s positive and kind approach plus the pairing of the wisdom and healing of essential oils supercharges the class!

Maria W.

Before the yoga and essential oil classes I was looking for some form of fitness and balance in my life. I was reluctant to join Karenna’s Japanese Yoga class at first because I felt I needed to be in some kind of fitness beforehand in order to benefit from the class. I wanted to do group exercise but wasn’t keen to join a gym. So I tried Karenna’s class for one term and absolutely loved it. Now I’m hooked and it’s the highlight of my week. It’s absolutely ‘me’ time. I call it my weekly-one-hour-mini-retreat. Major benefits for me have been:  muscle tone and increased flexibility; help managing my migraines; better knowledge of the seasons and how to work with the impact it has on us. I really love that the frequency and severity of my migraines has noticeably decreased with my regular practice of yoga with Karenna. I like how Karenna shares her knowledge in the classes. It’s helpful to understand why we are doing some of the things and how it will help us. I would recommend this class to everyone. It’s a gentle and effective form of exercise and it’s actually quite therapeutic. Karenna is a wonderful teacher!


I started Japanese Yoga with Karenna with a history of intermittent back issues. After completing the first terms program i have not had any issues with my back and also find myself more mindful of posture when I am in situations that require lifting. I've done more traditional Yoga in the past and found it all a bit 'zen' and less practical. Karenna is both easy to follow and a great teacher providing a warm atmosphere to relax into.

Michelle D.

Dear Karenna, Whatever did I do before I found you and your wonderful Japanese Yoga (combined with oils)class? For a start caught every slight bug that went around! Well not any more, not one sniffle since I found you last January! Not even a broken bone can keep me away, I leave feeling THAT good.  Me, the large girl who hated exercise, hates to miss even one class. There is something in your voice and attitude to everyone of us, big, small, fit, unfit, young, old, newby or long time attendee that just keeps us coming back.  I’m not sure what made me come to my first class but, you had me from the first class. Maybe it was just luck that I saw your post on Facebook, maybe it was the universe pointing me in the direction I needed to go, I’m not sure which, I’m just glad I saw it. Kind regards, Michelle


Karenna's Japanese Yoga classes are brilliant. Dynamic enough to keep you engaged and working hard interspersed with short recoveries to catch your breath before launching into another round of exercises. Her class is the perfect balance of strengthening and stretching work followed by a lovely relaxation at the end. Throughout the class she drops in little gems about which part of the body is being worked or what energy lines are being cleared. Karenna is an excellent teacher giving clear instructions and demonstrating the poses whilst ensuring the students listen to their body. Spending an hour with her doing yoga has to be a highlight of my week.


Karenna is enthusiastic, patient, and has a great demeanour. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable, yet at the same time designs her classes with a great deal of subtlety and rigour. As a 56 year old man who is now dealing with the effects of football and 15 years as a furniture removalist her classes have been great for my lower back, flexibility, breathing and concentration. Needless to say I am missing Karenna's classes during our holiday break.


Karenna has a knack for communication as well as a deep understanding of the yoga movements and how they relate to the overall functioning of the body. I love her clear explanations. Yoga has traditionally been challenging for me, with rheumatoid arthritis, however Karenna has taken the time and care to work out how to adapt movements to accommodate my joints wherever possible. She makes Japanese yoga possible - even for me!


Cannot recommend Karenna highly enough! After my last pregnancy I lacked strength especially around my stomach. I started yoga classes with Karenna about 2 months ago and must admit my muscle strength has improved. Karenna is fantastic! She is very patient, dedicated and most importantly she has good energy. Her classes help to relax and re-energise me mentally and physically. I couldn’t be more pleased with her classes.

Neil M.

With a scepticism of all things 'alternative', it was with some trepidation I went for a trial Japanese yoga session with Karenna. Maybe it’s my life stage, maybe it's job stress, maybe it's because the sessions are run for men, maybe it's Karenna's ability to design a session that work for all abilities, but whatever it is, it definitely works for me. To dedicate an hour a week to something that improves my flexibility and strength is something I wish I'd started 10 years ago, but using the hour to clear my mind has been the biggest benefit for me. I've barely missed a session since the trial and I haven't needed to see my chiro in months - I'm a convert!


I had been feeling much weaker and tired very often/easily for doing even mild exercise ever since I gave birth 4 years ago. After starting Karenna's Yoga class, I am feeling much stronger, and am actually getting my physical strength back.  After class I feel very light and full of energy. My mind gets sharper and I can concentrate more. On Tuesdays when I have her class, I have very busy schedule for the rest of the day. The class helps me to retrieve my energy to manage my day.  There are times I feel quite exhausted, but in a good way, feeling very calm and relaxed.  I especially have a good night sleep on those days.  I like Karenna’s nice relaxed voice which makes me comfortable. She makes sure that we have an entirely relaxed, friendly and safe environment.  She is very receptive to individual needs and can always suggest alternative moves when some of us are having difficulties to do any activities in the class. I’d recommend Karenna to anyone who has ever wanted to learn yoga but has never had the chance to before and is feeling like it is a bit daunting to join a big gym. I am sure Karenna's small class environment gives you more warm, dedicated care. To any Japanese people who want to try yoga lessons, Karenna is a qualified Japanese teacher and is able to cater to Japanese students.


When I come to Karenna’s class, I have a sense of feeling more open and free, of having released tension. My hips feel so much more flexible. I really love doing the yoga outside on the deck, under the tree. I realise as adults we rarely take the opportunity to lie on our backs and look up at the sky through the trees. It always brings a sense of peace and connection. Karenna guides us through the yoga in a lovely calm and friendly manner, educating us as we go on bladder meridian lines etc! I am loving doing yoga, especially the release you feel in your body after you relax from a pose. You feel your body fully relax and look up to see a gum tree framed by a blue Australian sky, what’s not to love about that!!!


As a middle aged rather inflexible and inexperienced yoga practitioner I decided to sign up with Karenna for Japanese yoga. Her classes have changed my life! She teaches in a very calm and clear way. She does not only tell you what to do but also explains in detail how it impacts your body and adapts the sessions to the season we are in. The outdoor setting is magnificent giving you the feeling you are in a Japanese garden. Before joining Karenna’ classes I had some lower back issues, which have fully disappeared. Within a couple of weeks I have turned into a flexible, yoga-loving man thanks to Karenna!


Karenna is a very warm, supportive and experienced yoga teacher. Her class on the outdoor deck is a delight, the connection with the nature makes the yoga experience even more enjoyable. With very clear instructions, she will walk you through challenging and twisting poses (they can be fun!). But it is not only about moves, Karenna has a deep understanding of the energy flows and meridian structure which she helps you create change not only in your body but also in many aspects of your life. Her teaching has been tremendously beneficial, I am much more healthier and more grounded in my body and mind. The truth is I am addicted to Japanese yoga!"


Karenna has such an amazing calmness and grace in her manner and style, it is so easy to relax and focus.  Even when she is correcting a pose, she does it in such a way that you never feel spoken down to or silly.  I also love that Karenna explains the purpose of each pose and what is the most important aspect of it, so that even if a pose is too hard (due to my inexperience), I know what movements to concentrate on. I find that after the class I always feel full of vitality, no matter how tired I was beforehand.  My body always feels a little longer and definitely more relaxed.  I also tend to desire healthier food options that day, more than usual. :) I have had several muscle tears during my last couple of summer sports seasons and been quite concerned about building strength and integrity in those muscles again.  I started Karenna’s yoga during my last summer season and didn’t have even the slightest twinge in those muscles.  Super excited, feeling much more confident in muscle integrity. I would recommend this yoga to anyone who would like to improve overall health and strength.  I think Karenna has a wonderful ability to teach others and share this beautiful form of yoga.


I had previously tried a couple of mixed yoga sessions some years ago, so I knew the advantages that yoga could provide, I was keen to try again especially as I wanted to improve my strength and flexibility post a knee reconstruction a year ago caused by a football injury. I never expected however that I would find the relaxed atmosphere of the men only approach and Karenna’s tuition and support so enjoyable. It all felt very natural from the start and each class maintains the perfect balance of pushing yourself and being pushed. Karenna is extremely knowledgeable and mindful of what you will be feeling at any point during the class and communicates this in a very natural way that, that both relaxes and motivates you. Since I have been attending the classes, I have also experienced greater energy and less pain around my knee – so much so that I will keep attending even when I’m back playing football. I would certainly recommended the class to anyone who has thought about trying yoga, but has been put off by uncertain of how to start or has stayed away due to the fear they would be too inflexible to try.


I just wanted to say thank you for this morning. It was so good, I loved it. I absolutely loved doing it outside, seeing the trees and hearing the birds was awesome! I felt so relaxed and felt like I was more open afterwards which is what I’m working on. Thanks heaps! You’re a great teacher.

Maria T.

Thank you Karenna, for offering us such a great class. I'm loving your Japanese yoga! In the 4-5 classes that I've done with you, I've noticed improved flexibility, composure, posture, energy level, and muscle tone. The most amazing thing is that for the first time in over 25 years, this is the only thing that has made any difference and given me any relief in my very tight hip flexers!!! I've done other yoga, physio, stretches, etc and nothing. I've noticed a huge improvement week to week with your classes :))

Michelle P.

Hi Karenna - sitting on the ferry en-route to the city and feeling great.  Thanks for the yoga, I'm really enjoying it and my body is loving it (deep sigh).  You are a natural (yoga) teacher and have a wonderful energy about you