------ In less than an hour! ------

(without the guilt, overwhelm and investment of time you don’t have)

If you’re a busy mum, carer, or professional wanting to bounce out of bed in the morning feeling refreshed, pain-free and excited for tomorrow, then you already know you need to add look after your own wellbeing to your ‘to-do’ list.

So I’ll spare you the lecture.

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something your Dr, Chiro, Physio, Best Friend and Therapist has been telling you for years.

After all, you probably already KNOW that creating time for yourself and your health is the key tipping point to staying on top of day-to-day pressures that include looking out for others as well as yourself.
You’ve probably also heard about the impact a regular yoga practice has on preventing and managing specific health challenges. For those of us over 40, this includes cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, anxiety and depression (Source)



Even if you’re fairly happy with how life is right now, chances are there’s a little voice inside asking: ‘is this as good as it gets?’

When you build immunity, increase your vitality, lower your stress levels and clear your mind through prioritising your health, you can:



Sustainable, long-lasting health comes with small, consistent actions that, in reality, don’t take up much time at all.

In the same amount of time it takes you to scroll through Facebook; you can start to take baby steps towards changing your habits. And that’ll lead to less tiredness, much less sickness (who’s got time to be sick anyway?) and more time to enjoy life.

True health meets you where you’re at in life and frees you up to squeeze maximum value out of every precious minute.



Creating more vitality and reducing stress puts you in complete control of your energy supply. Tiredness is often the first sign that all is not well

Know that it is possible to regain control of your energy levels, sleep soundly and bounce out of bed in the morning before your alarm.

It is possible to do everything you want and move your body every way you want to (without paying for it the next day).



Nobody wants to become that bitter old lady with regrets, whose conversation is limited to her health problems and complaints about the weather.

When you’re living the life you know you were put on this planet to do – both at work and with your family - there’s a spring in your step, a clarity of mind and a light in your eyes that no-one can miss.



Feeling connected with your partner can lead to banter, eye contact and affection (not just an exchange of schedules and delegating tasks) without your ‘to-do’ list loitering in the background, stealing you from the moment.

Stop resenting your kids’ attention and start enjoying their playfulness.



Ask any active person if they exercise regularly to live longer and it’s unlikely that’s their main motivation.

Yet the science is in: being physically active increases life expectancy and reduces mortality rates by about 35% (Source).

You probably already know that bittersweet feeling of watching over your sweet, sleeping child and instantly going from feeling intoxicating love to the most dreaded, breath-catching fear that something might happen to them.

Or even worse, something could happen to you and they’re left without a mother.

While no-one has a crystal ball, what you do have is the choice right now to increase or decrease your chances of living as long as possible and being able to usher your kids into adulthood.



But where do I start?
(and do I even have time to attempt it?!)


Perhaps in your most courageous moments you’ve committed to start.

You’ve cleaned out the fridge, set your alarm for morning walks, tried acupuncture, or simply decided you’re sick of being sick. You’ve had enough of the daily, niggling aches and pains; you’re tired of replying ‘not bad’ or 'fine' when asked how you’re feeling (when you really want to answer ‘I need a vacation from my life’); and you’re willing to do what it takes to feel better.

If you’re super committed, maybe you even invested in weekly Pilates classes, monthly naturopath sessions, or booked in a block of therapy.

But even with the best intentions, most would-be attempts at better health end up abandoned. The motivation for morning walks drops-off (again) and you return to chasing the clock, comfort eating, snapping at the kids, feeling exhausted before you even get out of bed in the morning and catching every bug going around.

Here’s why most attempts to create better health end up abandoned:

Without a super clear, step-by-step action plan with intentional, results-driven exercise sequences, simple food guidance and tools that give concrete emotional support, most would-be health creators get completely lost.

They fall victim to analysis paralysis. 

There’s simply too much choice, not enough time and burnout from an already intense mental load, to-do list and overwhelming sense of being pulled in all directions by all people. 

With no time or energy left in the tank for themselves, they fall off the wagon before they even start.

Here’s why this is irreversibly crippling.

As an already busy partner, parent, carer, employee or entrepreneur being pulled in all directions (sometimes all five at once!), you literally can’t afford to fall sick regularly, be bogged down by aches and pains, or have relationship issues because you’re simply ‘too tired’ to be nice to your partner. 

You need to be as productive as possible in the shortest time available.

Especially in these uncertain times.

If you’ve been feeling deep down that the way you’re living isn’t sustainable and will only get worse over time, you need a quick fix that won’t just improve the way your body works, it’ll improve the way your life works.

Therefore, creating lasting health and sustainable energy levels (while actively reducing overwhelm and burnout) is one of the few things in your life that you NEED to make time for.

And luckily for you, there’s a proven system that can get you there in the shortest time possible.

Which means…

Even if you’re late to the party, there’s still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, clean up your health (and look and feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life).

That is…if you can avoid the same deadly health-creating mistakes most people are making.

The 4 REASONS most attempts to create LASTING health and SUSTAINABLE energy levels FAIL: (and how to guarantee you won’t)

Reason 01



Creating lasting health, reducing overwhelm and increasing your energy levels needn’t take up hours of your day (hours you don’t have, anyway).

And, it isn’t particularly hard or complicated. 

But there are MANY moving pieces and potential failure points along the way.

How do I find time for this? How often do I need to exercise? What foods best suit my body type? After the age of forty, do I need to cross-train or stick to one thing? Now I‘m no longer in my twenties, do I need to cross-train or stick to one thing? 

These are just some of the MANY questions you’ll have to answer along the way.

Most over-thirty-year olds returning to health approach their fitness and wellbeing as just another ‘thing to do’. But the thing is, you can’t treat your body and your health as just another ‘task’ or ‘job’ on your to-do list. Achieving true, lasting health and sustainable energy levels is one of the most valuable (and fragile) gifts you can ever give to yourself. 

And when done right, the quality and enjoyment of your relationships, your work, your business and your life increases exponentially.

Time to respect your health for what it is – a PRIORITY – and approach it accordingly.

It’s like the flight attendant says: ‘put your own oxygen mask on first.’

You can’t be of service to others if you’re not taking care of your own needs first. 

And it all starts with your health.

Reason 02




The path to better health, clearer thinking and more energy can be full of options. 

Zumba or Pilates? Morning walks or laps in the pool? Paleo or gluten-free?

There are so many options it can seem almost impossible to know where to start.

So you put it off, hoping the solution will reveal itself to you. Soon.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know there’s a proven system you can trust? 

A system based on common sense and thousands of years of trial and error, experience and wisdom.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know you couldn’t fail? 

Knowing that you don’t need to go down the never-to-return google labyrinth again.

Knowing, that all the information you ever needed to move your body and eat your way to feeling better, more energised and more yourself, can be found in one place?

And what’s more, that there is a step-by-step roadmap to get you there?

Reason 03



(or worse, taking big, inconsistent actions and either not achieving results or getting injured)

Have you ever been to the gym in January?

It’s a busy time of year, packed with would-be fitness goers making good on their New Years’ resolution to ‘get healthy’.

Yet the data is in:  50% of all new health club members quit within the first six months of signing up.

Although this statistic relates to the gym, you could easily apply it to just about any sport or fitness pursuit. Dropout rates after six months are high across the board.

Why is this so?

Sometimes the motivation wears off, or life gets too busy. Expectations of instant results fall short and it’s too disappointing to go on. Occasionally the reason is more sinister, like an illness, injury or serious health problem because you went too fast too soon without the right guidance. 

Most people approach their exercise routines like doing the dishes- go hard and fast and get it over with as quickly as possible.

But the thing is, lasting health and sustainable vitality can’t be rushed on the treadmill or home-quarantine exercise bike.

Small, consistent, intentional actions are all it takes.

And the benefits build up over time.

Think of it like a bank balance with compound interest. After one year the dividends aren’t so high, but after a decade the money starts to roll in. 

As long as you keep going.

When your health is better, your thinking is clearer and your energy levels are high. Plus you save loads of time (and tons of money). 

You’re not sick as often and less vulnerable to viruses (even scary ones like COVID-19).

You’re sick less often, you’re more efficient and you attract less ‘drama’ in your life because you’re more centred and balanced. And you make fewer mistakes from tiredness and foggy brain that prevent injury and other consequences that slow you down.

Reason 04




When you’ve seen all the experts, tried all the remedies, eliminated just about everything from your diet and still nothing’s changed, it can be very discouraging. 

It’s understandable to think you’re stuck with managing your symptoms for life. 

That your painful periods, constant colds, sore back, achy joints, frequent migraines, digestive troubles or anxiety will be with you until the end of your days.

It’s easy to give up hope of ever feeling normal or ‘like you used to’ again.  

But here’s the incredible thing about humans: as long as we’re alive, we’re constantly changing and adapting. 

Neuroplasticity tells us that.

And sometimes, the first step is simply believing that change and improvement are possible.

That the right system, tools and approaches exist- you just haven’t found it yet.

And as long as you have the willingness, courage and determination to change, there’s still hope.

Shhhh…I’m going to let you in on a


Even though health and wellbeing is a MASSIVE and fast growing industry- it’s not a very successful one.

A few people will experience HUGE benefits and LASTING health, while many others fizzle out.

And the main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is that while the barriers to entry are relatively LOW…

…the barriers towards EFFECTIVE, SUSTAINABLE RESULTS are fairly high.

But as long as you can avoid the biggest blunders that sink most would- be health attempts, the path is paved for you. You can return to being the healthy, happy, vibrant person you used to be.

One that allows you to save time, stay motivated, improve your relationships, feel better, look better and live better.

The key ingredient to all of this is a proven system supporting you to IMPROVE your health, INCREASE your energy levels, CLEAR your mind, REDUCE your overwhelm and make space for YOU.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to create.

Japanese Yoga for U:

The Proven Yoga System to Build Immunity, Regain Your Energy, Clear Your Mind and Quickly Overcome Health Issues That’ve Held You Back for Years (even if you’re over thirty, not a yoga ‘type’ or you’ve never done it before)


Dear Karenna,

Whatever did I do before I found you and your wonderful Japanese Yoga (combined with essential oils) class?

For a start caught every slight bug that went around!

Well, not any more. Not one sniffle since I found you last January!

Not even a broken bone can keep me away, I leave feeling THAT good.

Me, the large girl who hated exercise, hates to miss even one class.

There is something in your voice and attitude to every one of us, big, small, fit, unfit, young, old, newbie or long time attendee that just keeps us coming back.

I’m not sure what made me come to my first class but, you had me from the first class.

Maybe it was just luck that I saw your post on Facebook, maybe it was the universe pointing me in the direction I needed to go,

I’m not sure which, I’m just glad I saw it.

Michelle, 52 years


With a skepticism of all things 'alternative', it was with some trepidation I went for a trial Japanese yoga session with Karenna.

Maybe it’s my life stage, maybe it's job stress, maybe it's because the sessions are run for men, maybe it's Karenna's ability to design a session that work for all abilities, but whatever it is, it definitely works for me.  To dedicate an hour a week to something that improves my flexibility and strength is something I wish I'd started 10 years ago, but using the hour to clear my mind has been the biggest benefit for me.

I've barely missed a session since the trial and I haven't needed to see my chiro in months - I'm a convert!

Neil, 43 Years

Japanese Yoga for U

is the FIRST online yoga program of its kind that…


No filler. No unnecessary modules. No empty promises that look sexy on the surface, but do nothing but overwhelm you and sabotage your progress. I understand you’re not 20 anymore and you can rest assured the program is paced to suit those who’ve done a bit of living!(while still challenging you to bring forward your best)


I have been practising Japanese yoga for several years now and have been amazed and grateful for the positive impact it has had in my life. For many years I suffered from frequent migraines. I tried everything, to no avail - until starting Japanese yoga with Karenna 4 years ago. Attending 2 classes a week was a complete game-changer for me; the migraines became rare; my head a lot clearer; my energy boosted; my posture and neck tension improved; and my entire body, especially my core has become a lot stronger and more stable.

Karenna is one of the best teachers I have come across. She explains things clearly, (not just the postures, but the effect they have on the body and it’s various systems) - and does so in a way that is very calming and reassuring. I highly recommend her classes - they will change your life.

Michelle, 49 years


I was introduced to Karenna and her Japanese Yoga class by a friend as I’ve had neck and shoulder issues for a long time following some biking injuries. After the first few classes I was impressed by the improvement I felt in reduced tension around my neck area. I had tried many other forms of treatment and Karenna’s Japanese Yoga seemed to be more effective with less time required. I continued the sessions and my shoulder issues also improved along with further reductions to my neck tension and associated discomfort. The other benefit I noticed was my lower back seemed to get stronger and sitting for long periods didn’t result in pain. I continue to attend Karenna’s classes and have reduced or stopped other treatments. Karenna takes a genuine interest in helping individuals and I would highly recommend people trying Japanese Yoga to see if it helps them.

Geoff, 48 years


Since Japanese Yoga for U is an implementation program designed to get specific results, you WILL be jumping in with both feet. Not only do I make it simple, but I take nothing for granted and really go step-by-step to make sure you’re supported at every turn. You will experience the safest, most effective Japanese yoga practice that gets tangible results.


Karenna, your Japanese yoga class has been life changing for me. This yoga “style” is so wonderful, so powerful, so healing for people who experience shoulder and neck issues, like I used to.

I thought yoga was “not for me” after going to traditional group yoga or Pilates classes that damaged me even more. Japanese yoga “appeared” at that moment, when I was about to give up on yoga.

Now my head tension and back/neck shoulder tightness and pains are history. I see my chiropractor once a month (instead of weekly) for a quick realignment, and that’s it.

I always look forward to my Japanese Yoga class on Mondays and Fridays, a great way to start and end the week.

I really love the setting on your beautiful terrace, feeling close to nature, the essential oils you offer us at the beginning and end of each class, the personal attention you give to each of your student, the way you always find an alternative exercise to address anyone’s physical momentary difficulty or need.

You are a wonderful teacher and a generous, positive person.

You even made it possible for me to do the “arch”, a dream I had… and thought my back and neck would never allow me to do.
It only took you a few months to bring me there with your big reassuring smile, step by step guidance, and confidence in what I was able to do!!!

I really appreciate all the class preparation and consistency in your teaching. I learnt a lot about meridians & seasonal changes, how our body gets affected, how to protect ourselves from viruses by doing the right exercises.

I could go on forever with all the benefits of your Japanese Yoga classes.

Thank you Karenna, for everything you do.

Isabele, 50 years


Karenna has a knack for communication as well as a deep understanding of the yoga movements and how they relate to the overall functioning of the body. I love her clear explanations. Yoga has traditionally been challenging for me, with rheumatoid arthritis, however Karenna has taken the time and care to work out how to adapt movements to accommodate my joints wherever possible. She makes Japanese yoga possible - even for me!

Vanessa, 42 years


No fads, no shaming, no crash diets. Simple, universal food and eating principles that stand the test of time. Harness the power of Mother Nature with the option of adding pure essential oils as a catalyst for thriving health, clearer thinking and radiant energy.


Hi Karenna, 

I just want to Thank You again for creating your online course... 

I’ve just done Module 3 again - for second time... I’ve only done this as I’ve still haven’t shaken my cold/sinus issues... & I only did half an hour but had to stop as my large intestine obviously became unblocked( sorry if this is too much sharing ) but felt like I was going to vomit and then needed to eliminate in the toilet! 

I feel so much clearer now though! Wow! 

I have been really not taking care of what I eat as I’ve been going through a lot of emotional turmoil ... but now after looking at your notes for food support and essential oils ( I didn’t look at this last week) I realise it’s totally to do with my diet why I’m not feeling better after all this emotional purging! 

So Thank you!!!

Even though I knew I needed to clean up my diet again - it’s always good to get confirmation & a nudge from an “expert”

Teresa, 45 years


Karenna has such an amazing calmness and grace in her manner and style, it is so easy to relax and focus. Even when she is correcting a pose, she does it in such a way that you never feel spoken down to or silly. I also love that Karenna explains the purpose of each pose and what is the most important aspect of it, so that even if a pose is too hard (due to my inexperience), I know what movements to concentrate on. I find that after the class I always feel full of vitality, no matter how tired I was beforehand. My body always feels a little longer and definitely more relaxed. I also tend to desire healthier food options that day, more than usual. 🙂

I have had several muscle tears during my last couple of summer sports seasons and been quite concerned about building strength and integrity in those muscles again. I started Karenna’s yoga during my last summer season and didn’t have even the slightest twinge in those muscles. Super excited, feeling much more confident in muscle integrity.

I would recommend this yoga to anyone who would like to improve overall health and strength. I think Karenna has a wonderful ability to teach others and share this beautiful form of yoga.

Judith, 45 years


I started Japanese Yoga with Karenna with a history of intermittent back issues. After completing the first term’s program I have not had any issues with my back and also find myself more mindful of posture when I am in situations that require lifting.

I've done more traditional Yoga in the past and found it all a bit 'zen' and less practical. Karenna is both easy to follow and a great teacher providing a warm atmosphere to relax into.

Ben, 46 years


Hi there, I wanted to let you know that I have managed to wean off the Valium completely and am also going to bed without any medication (apart from my normal anti-depressant) The oils have changed my life - thank you so much. I have ordered the Vetiver and Sandalwood and they are coming tomorrow. I am probably abusing the PastTense roll-on a bit but it’s so much better than popping a Valium. I ordered another roll-on and more Lavender as well. I just wanted to say thank you as I don't think I could have done it without them and without your guidance. I’m still on my journey but you have a convert in me.

Leisa, 44 years

So if you’re ready to finally feel energised, healthy and excited about life while avoiding those tired, sluggish, and overwhelmed feelings that’ve been holding you back for years, here’s how we’ll get you there…

Here’s how it all BREAKS DOWN

Getting Started


The Getting Started Module sets the context for your exciting transformation by giving you the what, why and how of this PROVEN SYSTEM that’s Japanese yoga.

Included in this module are four lessons with downloadable PDFs, pictures and brief videos.

By the end of this Getting Started Module you’ll be empowered to trust the process and ready to dive head first into the modules and reap maximum benefits from Japanese Yoga for U.


  • A fascinating account of the history of Japanese yoga 
  • Brief dive into the fundamentals of Japanese yoga and what makes it a unique and proven wellness system different from other styles. You’ll also learn why it’ll work for you even if you haven’t had results from other yoga styles
  • Basic introduction to meridians (also known as energy lines) and how they influence your health and energy levels
  • Why food choices play an important role in Japanese yoga and how you can leverage this knowledge to speed up your results in each of the five modules
  • Specific tips on avoiding injury and staying safe so you can enjoy Japanese yoga for years and even decades to come

Module 01


Sleep better, digest better and live better when you jump into this first module.

Here in Module 01 you’ll have access to one full-length Japanese yoga class of approximately 50 minutes and five shorter versions of the same class ranging between 10 - 40 minutes in length.

Even if you’ve got limited time or you’ve never done Japanese yoga in your life, this module breaks the class down into safe, simple and easy-to-follow steps that will get you instant results.

All modules come with a Healthy Food Habits Lesson with a ‘tick and flick’ Foods that Hinder + Help Checklist. 

The checklist will help you to get faster, more effective results from your Japanese yoga practice by making simple food choices that deliver benefits.

Stay on track as you learn about wholefoods and cooking styles that’ll most support you get the BEST results from Module 01.

We'll be working into the four meridians that belong to the fire element of summer: heart, small intestine, heart constrictor (also known as pericardium) and the triple heater.

In other words, Module 01 is the perfect yoga class for summer. 

BUT, it’s the ideal class for you to do any time of year if you want to experience any of these highlights.


  • Reduced neck and shoulder tension
  • Less anxiety and nervousness 
  • Better sleep, especially for insomniacs
  • Support and decrease depression
  • Improve poor circulation and support your heart health
  • Lift a dull complexion
  • Increase energy levels
  • Stronger immunity and resistance to colds and flu
  • Create healthy digestion
  • Expand your creativity
  • Experience more joy
  • Improve self-awareness and experience a genuine connection with yourself and your  loved ones

Module 02


This is THE Japanese yoga class if you're ready to sort out your lower back issues once and for all. 

The full-length version is 45 minutes and there are three shorter alternatives of approximately 15, 20 and 40 minutes.

In the Healthy Food Habits Lesson you will be supported with some basic wholefood suggestions. These are specifically designed to maximise health benefits but minimise the time it takes to get there. 

The meridians we're working with in this class are the stomach and spleen. These energy lines govern the in-between times of the year when we're transitioning from one season to the next. They’re also prominent during the season known in Japanese yoga as ‘late summertime’- that balmy, still and humid time of year just before autumn.

You can tune in to the changing seasons with this class or whenever you want to reduce your lower back pain and experience any of these highlights.


  • Reduce sugar cravings 
  • Hormonal balance and support for both women and men
  • Experience less PMS, bloating and cramping
  • All cycles come back into balance; eating, sleeping, breathing or reproductive
  • Less worrisome thoughts
  • Support burnout and feelings of  exhaustion 
  • Reduce lower back issues
  • Decrease cellulite and lose weight. Expect to return to the healthiest weight* for your body type. You’ll start to see benefits if you've noticed you're feeling less energetic and suspect some extra kilos might have something to do with it
  • Increase vitality
  • Improve digestive issues
  • Expand your ability to adapt to change
  • Emotionally, you'll feel nurtured, content and empathetic towards yourself and others

*A little note on weight loss: Japanese yoga welcomes all body types and recognises we come in our own unique, loveable shapes and sizes. There's certainly no one size fits all in Japanese yoga- you know when you're the right size for your body type when you feel good both inside and out.

Module 03


Are you worried your respiratory issues will make you more vulnerable to COVID-19?

Are you a sinus, headache or migraine sufferer?

Do you frequently get coughs, colds and flus?

Got the ‘brain fog’?

If you’re nodding right now, this’ll be your favourite module

The full-length Japanese yoga class is 55 minutes and there are four shorter versions of approximately 10, 30, 35 and 40 minutes.

The Healthy Food Habits Lesson keeps you on track to enjoy all the highlights unique to this module. 

With basic wholefood and cooking style suggestions in an easy-to-follow format, it’s super easy to implement.

Key energy lines you'll be activating in Module 03 are the lung and large intestines. 

These energy lines rule autumn, the time of year we see the most extreme changes in nature and – since we humans are nature as well – deeply affect us too.

Remember- even though this class is great support for autumn, you don't need to wait till then to get the benefits. 

Do it anytime you'd like to experience the results below.


  • Reduce headaches and migraines 
  • Decrease frequency of colds and flus
  • Lessen respiratory issues
  • Support effective natural detoxing 
  • Eradicate skin breakouts
  • Experience increased energy levels
  • Improve sinus issues
  • Create better immunity
  • Clear out brain fog
  • Increase optimism
  • Support clear thinking

Module 04


Module 04 is all about supporting the spine, nervous system and increasing ‘life-force’(sayonara burnout!).

Expect to reduce your stress levels and age gracefully instead of prematurely. 

On a subtle level, you’ll begin to heal generational or collective patterns that are no longer serving you.

Big stuff!

The full-length Japanese yoga class is 55 minutes and there are two shorter versions of approximately 20 and 40 minutes.

You’ll get extra support in the Healthy Food Habits Lesson, where you’ll have access to the Food that Hinder + Help Checklist tailored to the highlights of Module 04. 

Avoid foods known to slow down your progress while increasing foods that’ll speed up the process.

We'll be working into the two meridians that govern the spine: kidney and bladder. 

These meridians belong to the water element of winter, although you can experience the benefits by doing this class all year round.


  • Decrease pain and discomfort in the lower back
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Support generational healing
  • Eradicate stress and overwhelm (once and for all)
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Support the nervous system
  • Improve posture
  • Support graceful aging and reduce wrinkles
  • Sleep better
  • Get your mojo back (yes, that mojo!)
  • Adrenal support to experience being free of feeling constantly on edge

Module 05


This is THE module to improve achy joints, reduce the frequency of migraines, soothe allergies, improve your eyesight (yes, it’s possible with Japanese yoga!) and support your reproductive health whether you’re pre or post-menopausal. 

Your full-length Japanese yoga class is 55 minutes and there are four shorter versions of approximately 10, 15, 25 and 45 minutes.

The Healthy Food Habits Lesson ties it all together by integrating basic wholefoods known to increase the effectiveness of your Japanese yoga practice as it relates to the specific benefits of Module 05.

The main meridians we're working with in this class are the liver and gall bladder - these energy lines govern the wood element of spring time.

This is a great class to do in spring or anytime you'd like to experience these benefits.


  • Experience less headaches and migraines
  • Reduce joint issues, aches and pains (great for arthritis)
  • Support seasonal allergies
  • Eradicate tired 
  • Reduce irritable feelings and feel more patient
  • Increase your resilience and tenacity
  • Improve vision and eyesight
  • Support reproductive health whether you’re pre or post-menopausal
  • Experience more flexibility 
  • Lift your energy levels without needing a coffee jump-start


Roadmap to Success
(A$100 value)


You’ll receive BONUS#1 immediately when you sign up. 

Right from the get-go, you’re set up for success with Japanese Yoga for U with Bonus#1. 

You’re going to get clear on what you want from the program and understand how much time you have available.

PLUS it helps you anticipate road blocks and gets you thinking ahead how you’ll respond (thus overcoming ‘uncompleted course syndrome’) 

This BONUS acknowledges that your schedule and needs are unique. 

And it supports you to tailor Japanese Yoga for U to meet you where you’re at in terms of available time and the physical transformation you’re seeking.

It’s delivered via a one stop, step-by-step ‘choose your own adventure’ PDF. 

Simply follow the prompts and set yourself up for success with Japanese Yoga for U

What are Essential Oils and
How can I Up-level my Japanese Yoga with them?
(A$25 Value)


Ever wondered what all the hoo-ha is about essential oils? 

BONUS#2 introduces you to pure essential oils and shows you how you can get even faster results in Japanese Yoga for U by weaving them into your program. 

It covers what essential oils are, what they aren’t and how you can use them every day to enhance your Japanese yoga practice and your life. 

Included in this bonus is a video where I share several essential oils that’ll make the biggest impact on increasing the effectiveness of your Japanese yoga classes.

Up-level with Pure Essential Oils
(A$125 value)


BONUS#3 contains five bespoke booklet cheat sheets spread out over modules 1-5. 

For every module, you’ll receive the most complete and specific guide to leverage your Japanese yoga classes and support your wellbeing using pure essential oils.  

The Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Support Cheat Sheet lists in detail the unique physical and emotional challenges each module is designed to solve. 

It matches them with pure essential oil suggestions and protocols.

This bonus is exclusive to Japanese Yoga for U and is a first of its kind.

Prepare to maximise the speed and effectiveness of your Japanese yoga results with these five different, comprehensive and downloadable booklet cheat sheets.

and get…

The FULL Japanese Yoga for U Program
(A$597 Value)

You’ll get access to all five full-length Japanese yoga video modules, 18 ‘bite-sized’ Japanese yoga classes, cheat sheets, healthy food habits checklists specific to each module, resource guides and every tool you need to go from feeling tired, sluggish, and overwhelmed to feeling energised, healthy and excited about life.


  • MODULE 01: REDUCE Neck and Shoulder Tension, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Poor Circulation, Dull Complexion and INCREASE Energy, Immunity, Healthy Digestion, Creativity, Joy
  • MODULE 02: REDUCE Sugar cravings, Weight Issues, PMS, Worry, Exhaustion, Lower Back Issues, Cellulite and INCREASE Healthy Digestion, Empathy, Hormonal Balance, Vitality
  • MODULE 03: REDUCE Colds and Flu, Sinus, Headaches and Migraines, Respiratory issues, Skin Breakouts and INCREASE Energy, Clear thinking, Optimism, Effective Detoxing, Immunity
  • MODULE 04: REDUCE Lower Back Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm, Wrinkles and INCREASE Generational Healing, Confidence, Good Posture, Mojo, Adrenal Support
  • MODULE 05: REDUCE Headaches and Migraines, Joint Aches and Pains, Allergies, Irritability, Tiredness and INCREASE Flexibility, Reproductive Health, Better Eyesight, Vitality, Resilience


√   Roadmap to Success

This exclusive bonus sets you up for success with Japanese Yoga for U by helping you get clear from the very start what you want from the course and how much time you have available. PLUS you’re supported to overcome ‘uncompleted course syndrome’ by anticipating potential road blocks and strategizing ahead of time how you’ll respond (A$100 Value)

√   The Ultimate Japanese Yoga and Essential Oils Guide

This bonus introduces you to pure essential oils and shows you how you can get even faster results in Japanese Yoga for U by weaving them into the program. It covers what pure essential oils are, what they aren’t and how you can use them to enhance not only your Japanese yoga practice but also your life (A$25 Value)

√   Five Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Support Cheatsheet for Each Module

There are five bespoke booklet cheat sheets in this bonus. In each module, you get the most complete and specific guide to leverage your Japanese yoga classes and support your wellbeing with pure essential oils.  Prepare to maximise the speed and effectiveness of your results with these comprehensive booklet cheat sheets (A$125 Value)

When you add it all up, that’s a value of A$847

(ridiculously small compared to the value of living a life free of pain, overwhelm  and burnout)

And because I’m so excited to welcome you into Japanese Yoga for U, I’m giving you the opportunity to enrol in Japanese Yoga for U TODAY at the special introductory price of just…..






(value A$847)




Japanese Yoga for U is Perfect for You if…


If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then now is the time to enrol in Japanese Yoga for U and go from feeling tired, sluggish, and overwhelmed to feeling energised, healthy and excited about life.


  • You want to avoid COVID-19 and are willing to take proactive steps to prevent it
  • You’re in quarantine and want to continue with your exercise routine from your home
  • You KNOW that creating time for yourself and your health is your next big move, one that will create more vitality, better relationships and happiness; but have run into false starts every time you’ve tried to do it.
  •  You’ve had enough of your aches, pains and low energy levels stopping you from freely doing what you enjoy and used to be able to do. You want to enjoy the special moments with your loved ones instead of feeling tired, cranky and restricted all the time.
  • You truly feel you can fulfil your potential in a unique, connected and more effective way than you currently are and you’ve decided to take back the wheel, restore your self-confidence and stop making yourself last on your priority list.
  • You want to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life and do everything in your control to live to see your children grow up.
  • You don’t mind (and even welcome) the extra hand-holding and meticulous step-by-step instructions of this course…especially when it comes to improving your unique health challenges safely and without injury.
  • You’re time poor and want to get maximum results in minimum time in all aspects of life –especially when it comes to your health and energy levels.
  • You travel for work or leisure and want to stay healthy and active wherever you are.
  • You already use essential oils as a natural way of looking after your health and you like using them in various ways with different healing modalities.
  • Even though other yoga styles haven’t worked for you in the past, you KNOW that a regular yoga practice helps reduce stress, improve health and increase longevity, and you’re open to trying something different that works.
  • Japanese culture and Eastern philosophy intrigues and resonates with you.
  • You’ve already experienced the benefits of acupuncture and understand the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in supporting your health.
  • You’ve tried EFT Tapping and know how useful it is in clearing blocked energy from the body.
  • You’re willing to show up regularly and consistently for yourself and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves (or unroll your yoga mat!) and do the work. In fact, you’re excited to put in the time, knowing that every action you take in this course brings you one step closer to living your best life.
  • You’re over 30 and have noticed the wheels are starting to fall off. Your body doesn’t ‘bounce back’ the way it used to, niggly pains are no longer responding to the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ technique and your energy levels need propping up with caffeine or chocolate. You want a more sustainable way of looking after your health so you can be more productive and squeeze every bit of life out of your body for decades to come.

If any of the above resonates, then I can’t wait to welcome you into Japanese Yoga for U.




I’m ready for change and give myself permission to live life to the fullest and be the best version of me I can be. I understand it’s only through creating better health, more energy and less stress that I can live this kind of life.


A$327 (value $847)


  • Getting Started Module 
  • Five Modules with FIVE FULL-LENGTH JAPANESE YOGA CLASS VIDEOS plus 18 SHORTER LENGTH VIDEO VERSIONS of the original five classes
  • Healthy Food Habits Checklists in all five modules
  • Resource Guides to support you on your journey
  • BONUS #1: Roadmap to Success
  • BONUS #2: The Ultimate Japanese Yoga and Essential Oils Guide
  • BONUS #3: Five Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Support Cheat Sheet for all modules