WOO HOO, You’re In! Sayonara Neck and Shoulder Tension (and what this says about you)!

Congratulations on putting yourself first!

In about 20 minutes you will receive an email from me with the link to your Japanese Yoga Desk Hack.

While you wait, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge you for taking the plunge by saying ‘yes’ to yourself and your right to live free of pain and tension.

I don’t mean that lightly - I understand how pulled in all directions you are by work and family.

And how sometimes that means there’s no space for ‘me time’, even when your body’s aching and starts to feel like it’s falling apart.

I also get that because you’ve put your own needs on ice for so long, niggly things like a stiff neck or tight shoulders have now become much bigger issues – and it effects your moods, your focus, your simple pleasures and even your ability to get the job done (whatever the ‘job’ is at the time).

Tell me, do you –

Suffer from headaches and migraines?

Find yourself sick with colds and flu more often than you’d like?

Feel tired, sluggish and got ‘foggy brain’?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then I have a special Japanese Yoga Class to offer you.

Karenna, your Japanese yoga class has been life changing for me. This yoga “style” is so wonderful, so powerful, so healing for people who experience shoulder and neck issues, like I used to. I thought yoga was “not for me” after going to traditional group yoga or Pilates classes that damaged me even more. Japanese yoga “appeared” at that moment, when I was about to give up on yoga.

Now my head tension and back/neck shoulder tightness and pains are history. I see my chiropractor once a month (instead of weekly) for a quick realignment, and that’s it. I always look forward to my Japanese Yoga class on Mondays and Fridays, a great way to start and end the week. I really love the setting on your beautiful terrace, feeling close to nature, the essential oils you offer us at the beginning and end of each class, the personal attention you give to each of your students, the way you always find an alternative exercise to address anyone’s physical momentary difficulty or need. You are a wonderful teacher and a generous, positive person. You even made it possible for me to do the “arch”, a dream I had… and thought my back and neck would never allow me to do. It only took you a few months to bring me there with your big reassuring smile, step by step guidance, and confidence in what I was able to do!!!

I really appreciate all the class preparation and consistency in your teaching. I learnt a lot about meridians & seasonal changes, how our body gets affected, how to protect ourselves from viruses by doing the right exercises. I could go on forever with all the benefits of your Japanese Yoga classes. Thank you Karenna, for everything you do.

– Isabele, 50 years

Regular practice of this 47-minute class will help you say:

  • ‘Meh’ to Migraines + Headaches where you’ll reduce the frequency and intensity of all head tension
  • ‘No’ to Neck + Shoulder issues as you lengthen through the back of your neck and undo knots and tension build-up in this area
  • ‘Farewell’ to Flu symptoms by improving your immune system through specific pose sequences
  • ‘See ya’ to sluggish tiredness, where you’ll experience more energy and by default- less stress and overwhelm.




WHY 44%? That’s how old I turned this year☺

Great number isn’t it?!

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I’d love to support you step towards a pain-free life and teach you how to improve your wellbeing with movement and self-compassion.

That’s what we’ll do together in this class.

Here’s what some of my students say about how my Japanese Yoga classes have helped their migraines + headaches and neck + shoulder tension:

I have been practising Japanese yoga for several years now and have been amazed and grateful for the positive impact it has had in my life. For many years I suffered from frequent migraines. I tried everything, to no avail - until starting Japanese yoga with Karenna 4 years ago. Attending 2 classes a week was a complete game-changer for me; the migraines became rare; my head a lot clearer; my energy boosted; my posture and neck tension improved; and my entire body, especially my core has become a lot stronger and more stable.

Karenna is one of the best teachers I have come across. She explains things clearly, (not just the postures, but the effect they have on the body and it’s various systems) - and does so in a way that is very calming and reassuring. I highly recommend her classes - they will change your life.

– Michelle, 49 years

In this class you’ll discover the proven system of Japanese Yoga to improve or even heal issues that’ve been holding you back for years.

You will experience

  • Improved neck + shoulder tension
  • Reduced frequency and intensity of headaches + migraines
  • Clarity of mind
  • Less colds and flu
  • Re-energised body and increased vitality
  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased productivity

All you need to bring are a yoga mat, a sock or tea towel (if you’re still working on your flexibility) and a smile☺

The full length of class is 47 min and you’ll get access to 5 different versions of the same class depending on the time you have available:

<15 min
<25 min
<30 min
<40 min
FULL: <50 min

A big thank you to Karenna and her Japanese yoga! I am a migraine sufferer and always seem to have tight neck and shoulder muscles. I was recently starting a migraine while at home and remembered Karenna telling us some poses that were good for helping headaches and migraines. I did the poses at home - and they turned my migraine around! I usually end up in bed from them but this time I actually got rid of it! I now use these Japanese Yoga poses every time I feel one might be coming on.

Since I have been attending 2 classes a week with Karenna, I find this seems to have reduced the frequency of my migraines. I can really notice when I don't have my classes over the holidays that I'm much more tense in my neck and shoulders. I always feel more balanced after a Japanese yoga class with Karenna but there are certain poses that are particularly suited to my body and make me feel lighter and more 'free' in my body than usual. It is an amazing yoga style. Karenna is a wonderful teacher and is very clear and precise with all her instructions. She also ensures we always do the poses safely to avoid injury.

– Belinda, 44 years

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What is Japanese Yoga and HOW’s it different to other yoga styles?

All yoga works on building strength, flexibility and better connection with your body-mind.

In that respect Japanese Yoga is no different to other yoga styles out there.

What makes Japanese Yoga stand out from the rest is it’s based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Zen Shiatsu and EFT Tapping wisdom.

The combination of this wisdom is thousands of years old!

What this means for you: as well as getting the typical benefits of a yoga practice, you’re able to go that extra level deeper with Japanese Yoga and experience true healing and release from issues that’ve been holding you back for years.

Our bodies have energy lines - also called ’meridians’- running through them.

When these energy lines are functioning well and unblocked, your body is full of energy, you feel good and ‘well’ and your thoughts are clear.

When your energy lines are blocked, you experience pain and/or symptoms of illness in your body.

You may also experience extremes in thoughts and emotions (adult tantrums are real, as you’d know if you’ve sat for more than 30 minutes in peak hour traffic)

In this way, Japanese Yoga is ‘like acupuncture without the needles’.

Instead of feeling the prick of needles in your skin, you’ll be shifting stagnant energy through specific movements, breathing patterns and eating choices*.

This gives you the quickest, most effective system of change and transformation.

*Eating choices play a big part in Japanese Yoga. Eat clean, seasonal wholefoods, reduce meat and dairy and cut out all sugar for best results (includes alcohol). Always consult your Dr before starting any new form of exercise

(and remember your discount code: SPECIALPRICE)

I was introduced to Karenna and her Japanese Yoga class by a friend as I’ve had neck and shoulder issues for a long time following some biking injuries. After the first few classes I was impressed by the improvement I felt in reduced tension around my neck area. I had tried many other forms of treatment and Karenna’s Japanese Yoga seemed to be more effective with less time required. I continued the sessions and my shoulder issues also improved along with further reductions to my neck tension and associated discomfort. The other benefit I noticed was my lower back seemed to get stronger and sitting for long periods didn’t result in pain. I continue to attend Karenna’s classes and have reduced or stopped other treatments. Karenna takes a genuine interest in helping individuals and I would highly recommend people trying Japanese Yoga to see if it helps them.

– Geoff, 48 years